About Us

Conoor Robotics is a young and exciting new concept that involves practical learning, building a machine from various parts which connects up to small computer that controls it (Raspberry pie).  The whole process involves learning about construction of the robot and then programming it to perform functions and maneuvers. The possibilities are endless! Our Raspberry pie based bot is perfect for schools or parents or children can teach themselves the art of robotics. It has been developed by Willy Shih and he has come up with this great concept and has over 40 years in computing, including roles at Hewlett Packard and Foxconnn.

Why learn programming languages and robots?
In a modern society with advanced technology, all kinds of software, artificial intelligence and robots are gradually deepening into our lives, replacing labor in industrial manufacturing, replacing humans in the military, serving people or >managing affairs in life, in medical care. The various industries, such as biotechnology, transportation, and access, rely on software, robots, and artificial intelligence to operate. Learning programming languages and robots are the key to mastering high competitiveness. Even in the non-programming language or robotics field, you can use the programming language and robot knowledge and technology to achieve complex and difficult goals. Learning the programming language is the logic of learning to think, learning robots,learning learning and application, and learning how to solve problems.According to the latest research from the University of Oxford in the UK, 47% of existing work may be replaced by automation in the next 20 years. Most of the work requires computer science; European and American governments have incorporated programming into the curriculum in response to technological trends; Taiwan has also followed this wave of programming education and will promote programming education in high schools and schools in 2018.

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